We layer multiple strategies to match your risk tolerance, capacity, and goals.


1. Adaptive Core Portfolio

A fixed allocation of active, rules-based Alternative ETFs that deploy sophisticated strategies such as hedged equity, long-short commodities, and volatility for downside protection and income.

2. Dynamic Risk Parity

Selects a limited number of asset classes monthly from a wide universe of ETFs based on 3–6-month momentum with risk-parity weightings.

3. Stock Momentum

Selects the top 10* largest and best-performing US stocks over the past 3-6 months with risk-parity to set asset weightings.


Figure 1. A visual overview of the three core strategies comprising our multi-strategy portfolios

*Can be more or less than 10 US stocks monthly, depending on algorithm output or client risk tolerance.


Risk Stabilizing

Adaptive Core Portfolio –  Modern multi-strategy ETFs 

A tax-efficient long-term “Core” portfolio of active ETFs diversified around several asset classes and methodologies. This strategy adapts to changing market conditions and provides income and hedging.

Dynamic Allocation

Dynamic Risk Parity – An active portfolio of passive ETFs

This strategy selects a limited number of passive ETFs that hold various asset classes including global stock indexes, various bond indexes, commodities, REITs, precious metals, energy, etc., rebalancing monthly.

Opportunistic Equity

Stock Momentum – A concentrated portfolio of  US equities

This strategy selects 10 of the best-performing US large-cap stocks over the last 3-6 months and rebalances monthly.  Risk Parity is used to balance each individual position according to its historical volatility.


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