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Expert, Specialist, Registered Investment Advisors who understand.

Peter Lusk, Jr.

Founder, Portfolio Manager

Peter has over 25 years of Investment Management experience using systematic trading models. Peter has worked for and advised hedge funds, futures traders, and registered investment advisers including Frostmann-Leff, REFCO, Jefferies and Eco-Vest. Peter has developed both quantitative and fundamental investment strategies, many of which have outperformed their benchmarks on an absolute and risk-adjusted basis. Peter began collaborating with Hans-Jorg von Mettenheim on the first Acanto products in 2007.


MBA, Columbia University M.A., Tulane University

Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim, PhD

Director of Research

Professor Hans-Jörg von Mettenheim serves on the faculty of IPAG Business School (Paris, France), where he is currently the Chair of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. Hans-Jörg is also the CEO of Keynum, a French Registered Investment Advisor. He serves as an Editor for the Journal of Forecasting, and he has organized the Forecasting Financial Markets Conference each year for over a decade. Hans-Jörg is also an Associate Member at the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance (University of Oxford).


Ph.D. in Economics, Leibniz University (Hanover, Germany)

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Our models adapt to changing market conditions across various asset classes and securities to maximize your risk-adjusted return and minimize large, prolonged drawdowns.

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