Data driven & Evidence Based

Find out how to begin or continue your investment journey with us.

Investing with Acanto

Beginning your journey with us.

Step 1

Understanding your needs

  • Complete our online “risk capacity assessment” to evaluate personal risk capacity and risk tolerance by clicking the button on the HOME page.
  • We will meet with you to fully understand your current financial situation and needs.
  • We focus on your unique time horizon, risk tolerance, investment goals and long-term objectives.

Step 2

Create Investment Policy and Financial Plan

  • We create a portfolio comparison of your Current Holdings versus several Proposed Strategies that will help you achieve achieve your goals.
  • Additionally, we can create a full financial plan and track all your income and expenses to make sure you achieve your long term goals.
  • Already have a financial plan for your household? No Problem, we can work with your planner or planning tool to achieve your goals.
  • We then implement our agreed strategy on your behalf.

Step 3

Ongoing Monitoring

  • We will review your portfolio with you every 3 months, and adjust variables where appropriate, for example if your risk capacity preferences or circumstances change.
  • Your portfolio composition will be re-optimized to reflect our most recent evidence-based and data-derived strategies, in accordance with the current market environment.
  • Comprehensive portfolio reports and analytics will be delivered to you on a regular basis, according to your needs.